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Public Health Support

Preparedness Workshops

Strengthen the public health preparedness capability of your teams

Training and courses

Make professionals more successful in public health functions

Capacity Assessment

Find out if your public health capacity matches the tasks.

Public Health Videos

Increase the impact of your health communication with high end video productions

Training Materials & E-Learning

We help you modernize training materials & E-learning using lessons from recent events

Curriculum Analysis & Event Post Mortems

Improve your training programme curriculum. Learn the key lessons from your outbreak and public health crisis response.

Epidemiology for Projects

Add capacity to your public health research projects.

Serious Games for Learning and Awareness

Engage target groups in public health awareness through serious games.


Transmissible.eu is a sole proprietorship since June 2016. It is an initiative by Arnold Bosman, specialist in public health capacity building and training. Key Transmissible Products are Consultancy on Public Health Capacity Building, Training Activities & Materials and Video Productions. Through flexible partnerships within an international network of specialists, Transmissible creates ad hoc expert teams and even consortia to provide public health solutions. Arnold offers over 25 year of practical experience in local, national and international public health surveillance & epidemic response and over 15 year experience in development & coordination of education programmes.

What's up in Public Health?

Vaccine Narratives on Mommy Blogs: what machine-learning tells us

A fascinating paper appeared today in the Journal of Medical Internet Research: “Mommy Blogs” and the Vaccination Exemption Narrative: Results From A Machine-Learning Approach for Story Aggregation on Parenting Social Media Sites. by Timothy Tangherlini and colleagues. The title is a mouth-full, but what did they do? The researchers knew that social

The Vienna Declaration

First a brief review of public health history: In November 1986, the World Health Organization organised the First International Conference on Health Promotion, in Ottawa. At this meeting, a Charter for Health Promotion was signed. This international agreement launched a series of actions among international organizations, national governments and local communities

Playful teaching resources

Short holidays are great opportunities for catching up with what is available online. And obviously, there is sooo much to find! Here is an overview of just a few nice available games that I found with a couple of limited Google searches: CDC Infectious Disease Trading Cards The David J. Spencer museum

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