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Creative Public Health Support

What's up in Public Health?

New vlog series on Flu Preparedness (Dutch)

To support the Trimension simulation exercise on seasonal influenza, we have created a series of video briefs to explain some key aspects of preparedness for Seasonal Influenza. Below is one example (in Dutch) on hygiene measures. The series can be found at our Vimeo channel ‘Korte Uitleg’.

Playful Introduction to Outbreak Response

The University of Utrecht innovates the medical curriculum and asked Transmissible to develop a game to get students acquainted with outbreak response. In partnership with Jade Owl Studios, we designed ‘Influencing Flu’, a hybrid game combining an adrenalin raising card-round with a branching online narrative. The scenario starts with a

Transmissible Game now part of Curriculum

We have been working on this serious game in the background for the past 9 months. In November we organized the Beta-test, and last week the general rehearsal with all game-facilitators. The game has been developed by Transmissible and Jade Owl Studios, in an assignment from the Julius Centre at

ECDC Winter Workshop 2017

The ECDC Winter Workshop 2017 is part of the Continuous Professional Development (CPD) efforts of the Centre and was organised from 5-7 December in Stockholm. The course was well attended, by participants from 22 EU Member States, representing all regions of the EU. The event was strongly appreciated by all

Digital Health Conference 2018

From 23-26 April 2018 the Digital Health Conference will be held in Lyon, France. It is only appropriate to host this event in Europe’s City of Health Innovation: the event is focused more and more on public health and digital innovations, so it was only a matter of time for it

Join me in my efforts to support Save the Children Federation, Inc.

For the past six years, Syria’s children have been bombed, shot at and starved to death. They’ve seen loved ones killed or injured, right before their eyes. Their homes and schools reduced to rubble. Their families torn apart. We, the rest of the world, are so far away. In fact,

Preparedness Workshops

Strengthen the public health preparedness capability of your teams

Training and courses

Make professionals more successful in public health functions

Capacity Assessment

Find out if your public health capacity matches the tasks.

Public Health Videos

Increase the impact of your health communication with high end video productions

Training Materials & E-Learning

We help you modernize training materials & E-learning using lessons from recent events

Event Post Mortems

Learn the key lessons from your outbreak and public health crisis response.

Epidemiology for Projects

Add capacity to your public health research projects.

Serious Games for Learning and Awareness

Engage target groups in public health awareness through serious games.


Transmissible.eu is a sole proprietorship enterprise since June 2016. It is an initiative by Arnold Bosman, specialist in public health capacity building and training. Key Transmissible Products are Consultancy on Public Health Capacity Building, Training Activities & Materials and Video Productions. Through flexible partnerships within an international network of specialists, Transmissible creates ad hoc expert teams and even consortia to provide public health solutions. Arnold offers over 25 year of practical experience in local, national and international public health surveillance & epidemic response and over 15 year experience in development & coordination of education programmes.

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