About Transmissible


Transmissible was established in the Netherlands, in June 2016 as a sole proprietorship enterprise. Currently, as a Limited Liability Company (B.V.), Transmissible is led by Arnold Bosman, a specialist in public health capacity building and training. Key Transmissible Products are Consultancy on Public Health Capacity Building, Training Activities & Materials, Serious Games, and Storytelling Audiovisual Productions. 

Our mission is to

support and provide health education, training, workshops, and conferences, through high quality services with minimum ecological footprint, in order to strengthen international disease prevention and control, and to promote sustainable health for all.

We aim to provide services that support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and commit to transparency in all business operations.

Partnerships and consortia

Through flexible partnerships within an international network of specialists, Transmissible creates ad hoc expert teams and consortia to provide public health solutions. Arnold offers over 25 years of practical experience in local, national and international public health surveillance & epidemic response and over 15-years experience in development & coordination of education programmes. In addition, he is a certified virtual teacher, specialized in online and blended classroom formats.

Commitment to our clients

The core values that guide our operations are clarity, creativity, partnership, and enthusiasm. The commitment that we promise to our clients is:

  • providing transparency: we say what we do, and we do what we say;
  • we think in solutions, and enjoy solving problems creatively;
  • we consider an assignment for you, a partnership, dedicated to the success of the project;
  • your project will be fuelled by our enthusiasm;

Based in one of Europe’s Top-3 most competitive regions, Transmissible tailors training, exercises, workshops and E-learning to your needs. We can also help you review existing training curricula and if needed design modifications to incorporate European core competencies. You can join training workshops at our Office Centre in Houten, Utrecht. Alternatively, you can invite Transmissible to training your team at your office.

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KvK/Chamber of Commerce: NL71702873.  EU Transparency Register nr: 687802524802-04europa-flag

Also, for those interested in Transmissible Services, please read our General Conditions Transmissible (February 2019)









Transmissible & Partners

Arnold Bosman Director

Expert in communicable disease control, public health, education and epidemiology. Rosseta Consortium Leader.

VetPot Video Video Production Partner

Creating powerful visual narratives for public health communication and online education. Rosseta Consortium partner.

Jordan Collver Creative Partner

is a Canadian freelance illustrator, comic artist, and science communicator living in Bristol, UK.

Grumpy Owl Games Game Design Partner

Grumpy Owl Games (formerly known as: Jade Owl Studios) stands for creative game design and constructive team work. Rosseta Consortium Partner

Pegbarians Consortium Partner

Production group for Animations and Comics. Member of the Rosseta Consortium

Haus of Waus Consortium Partner

Production group for multimedia animations. Member of the Rosseta Consortium

Judith de Haan Consortium Partner

Illustrator of books, educational materials and events. Member of the Rosseta Consortium

Trimension Collaborative Partner

Trimension provides advice and support in order to increase the resilience of your (crisis) organisation.

Alert not Alarmed Collaborative Partner

Alert Not Alarmed is a specialist consultancy focusing on risk communication. It was founded in 2018 by Ben Duncan.

Mirna Robert Epidemiology Collaborative Partner

Mirna Robert, MPH, EPIET 2004, is an independent partner in public health consulting. TRANSIT Consortium Partner

EpiConcept Collaborative Partner

EpiConcept is an Enterprise based in France, and specializing in epidemiology and the development of IT systems for public health.

VetEffect Collaborative Partner

Independent Dutch consultancy in veterinary services and public health, with projects in Europe, Africa, and South America.

EconEpi Collaborative partner

Econ-Epi stands for high-quality research, consulting and training services in the field of health economics and epidemiology. TRANSIT Consortium partner.


 “I can only say how much we appreciate working with you and your team – the quality of the work and discussion is outstanding, what an amazing professional experience! Thank you for providing this to us!
Looking forward to continuing working with you and the team.”

A client at MSD (2019)

Outstanding Quality

Mr. Bosman demonstrated exceptional ability to engage stakeholders from five different sectors and to create a very dynamic and successful forum, engaging audience and panelists in a very constructive debate.

Client at MSD (2018)

Engaging stakeholders

Mr Bosman’s performance was excellent throughout his assignment. He demonstrated all the necessary competences to succeed in a complex environment where stakeholders with competing interests needed to achieve consensus and ownership for a joint way forward.

I have no reservations in recommending Mr Bosman as provider of policy or technical advice in the field of public health and also as organizer of training programs including e-learning.

A client at the World Health Organisation (2018)

Excellent performance

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