How up to date is your staff in all aspects of surveillance and response?
Would it not be convenient to train them on site, in your own organisation?

Transmissible provides experienced teachers, trainers or facilitators for courses in disease prevention & control, workshops or E-course moderators. Partners are part of an international network of experts in disease prevention & control, covering core functions of event detection, threat assessment, threat management, risk communication, crisis evaluation, public health preparedness & training and public health policy. Training is organised in English or Dutch and if so requested, Transmissible will identify expert trainers in the network who will be able to provide the training in another European language.

Using our large library of outbreak training scenarios, we will train your team in one afternoon or during a full day, in one particular aspect of an outbreak investigation, such as: examining a case series; performing a cohort study; the case-control study; dealing with confounding; matched case-control studies.

In addition, we organise complete courses on demand, for 10 to 30 participants on the following topics:

  • outbreak investigation: intervention epidemiology (5 days)
  • outbreak investigation: epidemiology and public health microbiology (3 days)
  • data analysis in outbreak investigation: computer tools for epidemiologists (5 days)
  • outbreak management (5 days)
  • surveillance first course (3 days)
  • surveillance and time series analysis (5 days)
  • epidemic intelligence (3 days)
  • risk assessments (2 days)
  • public health and law enforcement (3 days)

For more detailed information about the offer of courses, please use the form on this page.

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